Joe Burrow

Joe Burrow will be the number one pick this year come the NFL draft barring and end of the world scenario.

The LSU quarterback stands at 6’3″ or 6’4″ (depending on where you check) and weighs in at 221lbs. Burrow had such a good season in 2019 that he won practically everything in site (awards and games). The one and only knock (you know there has to be something) on Joe is his 2018 season being quite opposite in performance.

Ohio State FR QB 5 22 28 78.6 226 2 0
Ohio State SO QB 5 7 11 63.6 61 0 0
LSU JR QB 13 219 379 57.8 2894 16 5
LSU SR QB 15 402 527 76.3 5671 60 6

One possibility is that Joe has grown a lot since his Junior season. The other is that he caught a lightning in a bottle with no guarantee of carryover into the next year. I am hoping for the former as I think Burrow would be entertaining to watch no matter which team he plays for… and if he can make the Bengals successful, that would be great as that team has not been relevant since the 80’s.