TOP 10 TE in 2020 Draft

If your team is in need of a high caliber TE this year. You should have drafted one last year… (Yes, I am looking at you Patriots). Dwelling on the past however is not helpful so we’ll take a look at home of the more promising options in the 2020 Draft. 

  1. Cole Kmet – Notre Dame
    This is about as good as it gets during this draft. Currently projected to go in the second round, but could fall to third. If nobody is desperate. Either can’t or won’t block. He has positive traits, don’t get me wrong, but last year he would have fallen to day three.
  2. Bryce Hopkins – Purdue 
    Smooth athlete. Drop.  Dynamic off the line of scrimmage. Drop. Not a proficient blocker. If it wasn’t for the drops, he may have gone over Kmet.
  3. Hunter Bryant – Washington
    Good blocker. Good Speed. Good Athlete. Had injury concerns in Washington, will need to put on some muscle. Not very elusive.
  4. Adam Trautman – Dayton
    Above average athlete for the position that runs good routes. Some glimpses of contested-catch skills. A bit of a Drop issue. Played against lesser competition, so it’s hard to tell if he’s that good or if his opponents are that bad. TBD?
  5. Harrison Bryant – FAU
    Good blocker. Good body control and good hands. However, not very fast and has some technique issues. Will need some development, but can be a very good player.
  6. Albert Okwuegbunam – Missouri
    Fast, with good hands. Not consistent in his blocking technique. Needs development, but could be a weapon.
  7. Cheyenne O’Grady – Arkansas
    Fast, very good athlete for the position. Doesn’t mind putting his nose in the thick of it. However, has maturity concerns and ran way slower than expected at the combine – effort issue?
  8. Jacob Breeland – Oregon
    Reliable hands, big, strong and athletic. Not very fast. Seemingly gives up in contested catch situations. Has the tools but is not really using them.
  9. Thaddeus Moss – LSU
    The son of the great Randy Moss is a strong blocker. Good hands just like his dad… but he is  really slow.
  10. Jared Pinkney – Vanderbilt 
    Jared showed a lot of promise in his early years at Vanderbilt as a catcher and a blocker. However, his skills have regressed significantly in 2019. He’s also on the slow side and so has trouble getting any separation.